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Please refer to following technique:

1. Spot guide  (Please refer to  video center)

Put 3*3CM cement square spot guide on the wall before one day. The thickness of wall plaster depends on the spot guide(4-30mm thick usually)

Vertical level: the bottom spot is 0.12cm above from floor. The middle spot guide is 1.7M above from floor.

Horizontal level: every 1.2m put one spot guide. 

No matter how even the wall is, but ensure all spots guides are on the same surface, then the wall rendering will be flat, because two lines of spot guides ( in the middle and the bottom) forms one square, posits machine upon the square, the finishing of wall rendering will be completely smooth and flat.  

2. Rough wall (Please refer to video center)

If working for concrete wall or concrete brick, please rough the wall surface. Usually there are three methods to rough wall.

3. corner plastering, door and window sides plastering(Please refer to video center. )

   For edge plastering, in order to have higher plastering efficiency while there is good quality,  just put one bar beside the edge while plastering, after finish then remove the bar.

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