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EZ RENDA wall rendering machine, let the construction workers feel how easy to plaster!

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Wall plastering is a dirty and tiring physical activity. Apply evenly plaster mixer to the wall, then apply it evenly with a knife. Finally, it is smooth and flat. In addition to the need for technology, it requires physical strength. 

From the above text, we can easily see that artificial wall cleaning is not only hard, but also makes less money.

Many manual work will gradually be replaced by machines,such as plastering tools . Intelligent and machine-based operations are already an unstoppable trend, and improving efficiency and reduce cost of plastering is a problem that business owners can't wait to solve. EZ RENDA is dedicated to alleviating the physical work of construction workers and creating a good working environment for construction workers so that they can live a decent life. After more than twelve years of research and development, innovation and breakthrough, we have mature, leading-edge production technology. Its automatic wall cleaning machine has obtained a number of exclusive patents and plaster machine was reported by CCTV10 "I Love Invention".


The latest plasterer equipment, the wall plastering robot uses an exclusive research and development of the hydraulic system to extend the life of the machine,no pedal more stable. At the same time, the laser processing technology is used to improve the accuracy of the smearing wall. With high-quality, high-precision  gypsum plaster robots, they have quickly gained recognition from the industry. Wipe the wall to make the wall more quality, faster, easier to work, and easier to make money. The use of house rendering perfectly realizes the conversion of machines instead of manuals, completely telling others that the era of smearing walls and opening up a new era of wall plastering machine.

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