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EZ RENDA have been focus on rendering machine industry more than 20 years due to the founder's special experience and background.. during the period, there are 

more and more many generations of rendering machine, but we can summarize it into three significant key focus.

1. the real portable rendering machine : 50kgs only , easy disassemble as two pcs. two people manually can shift it easily. (user love sth portable)

 2. the  real initial intelligent machine which is PC control touch screen(user love sth simple operation) 

 3. AUTO POSITION SYSTEM:  no need put middle spot guide, request less manual operation and reparation 


EZ RENDA Rendering machine compare to manual rendering



1) 38patents +2 international PCT +1 TURKISH patent +15 country has registered EZRENDA brands                          

2) the pioneer of  our country one belt one road policy                                               

3) high tech enterprise                                     

4) A. enter Saudi 2030 transformation program..                                  

B. Hongkong Gammon Group cooperative company                                        C. SANY cooperative intention Company                                                    

5) Twice special report by CCTV10 ( I LOVE INVENTION) PROGRAM , the most authoritative program of NEW INVENTION IN CHINA