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Mauritius customer Mr. Rutledge want to become sole agent of EZ Renda Wall Plastering Machine

Date:2019-06-24 Hits:
Today, EZ Renda received a value customer Mr. Rutledge. Mr. Rutledge comes from Mauritius. He got to know EZ Renda wall plastering machine from his friend in China. After making research, he decided make a special trip come to Foshan, China to visit EZ Renda. 
Mr. Jim, CEO of EZ Renda Construction Machinery LTD, had a glad meeting with Mr. Rutledge and Mrs. Rutledge. When they were watching the performance of automatic wall plastering machine render walls, Mr. Rutledge said, "it is exciting". He focus more on model EZ-Mini-500. He said, "because most of my projects are apartments, I'm sure that EZ-Mini-500 will help me to work well in those small rooms.

When got to know that EZ Renda is seeking agent, Mr. Rutledge decided to move his step faster on this case. He is looking forward to being EZ Renda's agent in Mauritius······

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