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       Plastering machine,it is the machine that make the plastering.People have doubts about such this equipment. Is this auto wall plastering machine performance good?Can it replace the artificial wall effect? The answer is yes.

       The CCTV, "I Love Inventions", focus on the EZRENDA brand wall plastering machine that was exclusively invented by Foshan EZ RENDA Construction Machinery Co., Ltd in 2015.

      Through the same testing in the same situation, the robot machine team aspiring, plastered wall by wall.The artificial team was tiring and working hard. After the experiment,same time and same situation for both team, from the effect to the efficiency, it is the machine team won for it.

      During 12 years,EZ RENDA always focus R&D and promotion of plastering machine.Pioneering and innovating to promote the development and application of the wall plastering machine industry,now in the internationalization strategy of the EZ RENDA Group,plastering machines are constantly upgraded. After development, EZ RENDA plastering machine is all over the world,such as Asia, Korea, Japan, and Germany.Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong etc...

      The new generation of automatic wall plastering machine adopts an exclusive auto hydraulic system, which replaces the old-style machine that with pedal. We are commited the high quality, high efficiency, high stability development , to liberate the labor work, and creating more profits for investors, achieving a win-win and reflecting its value.

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