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Frequent accidents - the safest mixing robot launched in the world

Date:2018-12-03 Hits:

Workers were killed in a concrete mixer, and their residual limbs were discovered when the site was poured.The concrete mixer turned accidentally, and the two workers were instantly "bitten"; A man was accidentally involved in a concrete mixer, and his waist and legs were stuck...In recent years, the accidents of concrete mixers have frequently occurred, which has aroused the concern of all walks of life.Whether it is for the workers to support their families, or the contractors for more hidden benefits, but not enough to catch their own lives! Is there a safe and efficient mixer? 

How should contractors, and even workers buy a mixing tool? What kind of mixer is safe, efficient and durable? After discussing with users and buyers, the world's first mini-mixing robot developed by Foshan EZRENDA Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2016 (Has applied for global patents), and CCTV conducted a special interview.

Ez renda mini cement mixer is not only 9.8 kg, but also easy to operate by one person, even one-handed operation; the Li battery that has been screened in multiple ways is not only durable but also safe (output 48V),no doubt of  efficiency . One hour is equivalent to the amount of agitation for two people per day.

Mini cement mixer launched in the world,many foreigner love  to use it,such as Sri Lanka,Philippines,Maldives etc...