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Mini mortar mixer come out, break traditional labor, widely used in mechanization

Date:2018-12-03 Hits:

     Later, people invent the mortar mixer machine. Then, people found that, thought the machine mix faster than manual, it’s heavy to move and hard to clean. Sometime, it’s even a trouble to add mortar especially the side out type of mixer machine. A portable, easy-carry mixer seems to be more practical.

     Finally, EZ RENDA invented the world’s first portable mini mortar mixer, which just only 9.8kg weight, and battery with it. This portable mortar mixer reduce labor strength and increase labor efficiency.It soon become workers’popular tool and take place of manual way and mixer machine. EZ Renda get much praise from customers because this portable mini mixer liberate the labors.

Workers said that, life become easier with EZ Renda Portable Mixer.

Since EZ Renda portable mini mixer come out the world, it has approved by a big amount of its users. And it’s also reported by the CCTV10,the program of I like invention. 

The successful invention of this portable mini mixer, it means that EZ Renda has already become the unique construction machinery company who mastered the core technology in the world. On the other hand, by developing agitating this portable mini mixer and expanding this industry, it will accelerate the further development of China's construction machinery engineering infrastructure.