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Probably the best mixer on the planet

Date:2018-12-04 Hits:

Foshan EZRENDA CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY LTD,The latest development of mixing robot has been on CCTV-10 ,the column of <I love to invention>,which was broadcast on July 14, 2015.As a brand always dedicated to create more safer and more efficient brand,EZRENDA has launched the newest NO Drum,hand held Mini Mixer.

There different types of classification of mixers on the market:

EZRENDA mixer: It adopts German production line, the fan blade teeth are staggered design, the mixing is more uniform, whether it is cement sand ash or centite stone and dry silt, etc., it can be perfectly stirred. Wide range of applicable projects (municipal engineering, small water conservancy projects, rural construction, renovation of houses, power communication projects, harsh conditions in the mountains), etc.

This machine is small and not only 9.8KG, but it is made of high wear-resistant alloy wheel to make it muddy and unobstructed, the mixing is more uniform, the waterproof performance is good, the service life is long, the efficiency is high, the maintenance is simple, the efficiency is up to 2000L/ Hours, and one person can easily operate, whether it is cement sand ash or centimeter stone and dry silt, etc., can be perfectly stirred.

Local companies such as Meilin Decoration, Famous Carving Decoration, and Star Art Decoration are all talking about it. Just look at its removable power supply, output power 48V, very safe for the human body. No plug-in, no oil, suitable for field work, it is worthless compared to other mixers. 1 hour is equivalent to 2 people a day stirring amount (2 cubic meters / hour), think about which mixer can now be so light and easy to operate?