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EZ Renda wall plastering machine, make you experience a decent life.

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     Plastering wall is a essential section in construction. Plaster worker play a major role in the plastering section.Even thought nowadays, their salary get higher, there is still a increasing number of plaster worker prefer other comfortable jobs. Why it comes? Zhang qiang, a plaster worker who has been in this occupation for 15years told us, he’s become a plaster worker since he was 15years old.
     EZ Renda hope to change this situation and invented the first plastering machine in 2006. It’s more even certain that mechanization will take place of human labor. This is also the original intention of EZ Renda. Sometimes, people would have question: Is this machine practical? Is it easy broken? Is it faster than manual? Actually, EZ Renda plastering machine not only increase the efficiency, but also release workers’ high-intensity work.
     EZ Renda concentrate on the R&D, and is committed to liberating the labor force to the utmost extent, and developing a plastering machine that workers can use, like to use and often to use.
     EZ Renda plastering machine has passed 56 strict quality tests, and quickly won the recognition of the market with high quality, high precision and high efficiency. Many internationally renowned construction companies, large and small in the construction industry are using the EZ Renda plastering machine. Mechanization and intelligent generation greatly improve the efficiency of the construction industry.
     EZ Renda plastering machine not only changed the traditional way of working, but also created a new concept of life, which has greatly improved work efficiency and improved people's quality of life.
     Life became easier with EZ Renda plastering machine.