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Why the mini plastering machine has become the focus of the Bangladesh market?

Date:2018-12-03 Hits:

Bangladesh, labor is very low.It is a cooperative country along the China Belt and Road Policy,The government invested a lot in infrastructure. Such a developing country like this, and the  labor is low,People pay a high attention to the plastering machine, especially the MINI one.

From trading companies to construction companies,even the business associations  and TV-station. People knows that the efficiency and quality of machine not only slove the duration problem,but also get to know this furture trend product can bring a huge business opportunity

In fact, they are no strangers to the plastering machine, which can be seen everywhere on the Internet. But what about the products that real users like?

In fact, they are familier with plastering machine., it is  popular on  the internet.But what kind of the products that users like? This time, our customers in Bangladesh gave us lots of inspiration.

KUMAR, a boss with 16 years of construction experience, he told us that Bangladeshi labor is a big problem.Most experienced and skilled workers went abroad for good development. And the domestic workers' education and technology are generally. So they have headaches as duration and quality of plastering problems. So they noticed the machine very early, but they still not yet started.

There are mainly as the following reasons:

1. Many machines are heavy, and it is a big problem for moving and handling.

2. The machine looks very complicated,and they afraid that their worker not care about the  machine.

3. The price is aournd nine thousand dollars, for such big amount of the machine,they feel that the risk is too high.

4. So,when  they saw the mini plastering machine,they give high expectations.