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EZ Renda: 124th Canton Fair in October 15th, 2018 and attracted a lot of visitors.

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Mr. Mohamed from a South Africa mining company spoke highly of the hydraulic system, “The traditional pedal system was easy broken and workers felt exhausted to operate it, this hydraulic system will solve this problem, and I’m it’s a big step forward of this industry.” 

Mr. Juan, a contractor from Brazil was very interested in the model EZ-Mini-500 which model that can be operated by one person, “I like its automatic vertical system and touch-screen, I think our workers won’t complain the complicate operation any more if I take it back.” And he also set up his plan to visit EZ Renda factory after the fair.

The busy and crowded fair ended in October 19th.. Thanks for all the visitors from worldwide in different countries.We have a same dream, to build a better future. We are looking forward to