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Features: professional, creative


Professional: we have been focusing in creating premium construction equipment for 20 years, our equipment had been to different construction sites for over 1000 times, and we have awarded 38 new invention patents.

Creative: From the time we brought the first wall rendering machine to the world and led the era of manual work releasing, we successively invented the first portable cement mixer and first leveling machine the world.


Believes: You are more than our customer but our partner, we can go further and fly higher with you.

It was born with special mission and our hope, that bound to be an extraordinary way to go...


In the age that profit is small and compitition is big, as the manpower costs higher and higher, finding workers harder and harder, we urge to serve 3000 construction workers, support 300 dealers or stores and build up a cooperation plaform.  As of July 2018, we have served 1,285 wall fitters or decorators and supported 198 dealers!

What’s more, in August 2018, EZ RENDA Group works with Guangzhou Pengsheng Industrial co., LTD. EZ RENDA Group focused on the r&d, production and sales of premium construction equipment, while Guangzhou Pengsheng Industrial has successfully built an one-stop industrial chain of construction materials and became a leader in the industry.


We are integrating construction equipment, construction materials and service to built an integrative, multisource and  high-efficiency platform, save customer’s time and management cost, improve the satisfaction and credit of our group company. In near future, we will focus on the end user,give the customer from construction material one stop service to perfect and reliable integrated services...Grasp the general trend, improve customer experience, we stay with the original intention, forge ahead.